Our work in anti-human trafficking has grown from a student-led awareness project on campus to a position of leadership in the global movement to end modern-day slavery. The CJR works with direct service providers, law enforcement, and other movement leaders — and when we talk to survivors, we keep hearing the same message: they dream of a college education!

We have supported the Beauty for Ashes Scholarship Fund with our offerings and prayer as a church family for many years. I would like to share with you a letter we’ve recently received from them:

Dear Crossroads Multinational Church of the Nazarene,

Thank you for your generous investment in the Beauty for Ashes Scholarship Fund this year. Since its launch, we have been able to celebrate five Beauty for Ashes scholars as they accepted their college degrees at PLNU – four of which have continued on to pursue a Master’s Degree! With your support, there are currently six survivors of human trafficking studying at PLNU under the scholarship, with over sixty more expressing interest in doing so down the road.

In the new year, a seventh Beauty for Ashes scholar will begin their journey at PLNU, and we are anticipating two more scholars graduating in May!

Thank you for your partnership with the Center for Justice & Reconciliation. The 1investment of our donors is what makes it possible for the scholarship to grow and support more survivors as they pursue a college degree. Your belief in the scholarship is making room for hope to flourish, and our team is so grateful for you!

With Gratitude,


Crossroads, Thank you so much for your generous support of our work. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and an incredible New Year!  Rylie <3


Thank you so much for your support!!!  Katielli (Class of 2023)

To know more about this fantastic scholarship program and hear testimony from graduates visit: Beauty for Ashes Scholarship Fund