Dynamic Discipleship

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THE NECESSITY TO OBEY… Isn’t believing in God enough? Romans 4 Abraham had a righteousness before circumcision Romans 3:21-22 Righteousness “apart from iaw” James 1:22-26 & 2:14-26 “Faith without works is dead” What God wants is “0-BELIEVE-IENCE” THE CALL TO OBEY Philippians 2:5-8 attitude should be the same as Jesus who obeyed to the cross! […]

“True Commitment”

 “DYNAMIC DISCIPLESHIP: True Commitment” Remember:  “Houston, we have a problem.” The three components of the Spirit-filled life: Faith –  accepting the fact that “Mission Control” knows better than we do Prayer – the two-way “radio contact” God’s Will – instructions from “Mission Control” Commitment is the act of ENTRUSTING SOMETHING TO SOMEONE ELSE.   What did […]

“In the Real World”

SUNDAY, MARCH 9, 2014 “DYNAMIC DISCIPLESHIP: In the Real World!” HUMAN TRAFFICKING: “Freedom Sunday”  Awareness: for those in the world AND our own alertness! The issue of human trafficking doesn’t make for an easy sermon topic. There are no handy passages listed for it in the average concordance, and very little awareness of it amongst […]