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Project Terms (Please Read Carefully)

• By submitting this “Project Request Form” you are agreeing to these terms.

• If your project includes church office printing (for example, handouts, posters and etc.), please be aware that these costs may be applied to your team budget.

• I understand at times during project(s) I will need to be available for possible questions, meetings, to look over samples or give final approval(s).

• All text should be proofed for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation before being submitted. Please e-mail all final text as a Microsoft Word document.

• During your project, please check your spam/junk folder for any awaiting e-mails from Rick or Dawn.

• If time permits a file of the finished piece(s) will be sent by e-mail for proofing of content and design. Depending on the project(s), it may not be sent at actual finished size. Possible file formats, but are not limited to, .pdf, .jpg, .doc(x) or .ppt(x).

• *Proofs or finished piece(s) may also be sent to your cellphone for quick approvals. The proof will be a photo taken of your full or partial project and sent to your cellphone via “picture text.”

• Please allow up to 24 hours for confirmation of this form to the e-mail address provided. Project(s) can take 3-4 weeks or longer for completion (not including print time) or due to the scope of the project(s), please plan accordingly.

• Please allow an additional 3-4 weeks before your event just for marketing (handout, poster, slide & etc.).

• This form can be updated as needed by the CMCN Graphic Design/Marketing Team at any time.

• Once form is filled out, please print it, save a copy for your records and e-mail it to Dawn Scuotto.