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Hello Ladies! Please complete the following survey so we can evaluate what you are interested in seeing happen in our Women’s Ministry.
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Women's Ministry Survey

Women's Ministry Survey

Which best describes you?
Which best describes your employment?
What time of the week works best for your schedule when planning women's activities?
Please check anything that interests you and that you might attend:
What kind of Bible studies would you participate in?
Which time of the week works best for your schedule when attending Bible study?
I currently attend?
Have you been active in the Women's Ministy, including attendance at events?
What is your GREATEST need right now from Women's Ministy?
What do you feel are the top most effective ways to advertise women's events?
Would you be interested in being involved in any type of women's mentorship?
Would you be interested in occasionally helping with women's events and activities? If so, what areas?